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Something Bigger

As teaching physical therapists and physical therapy assistants, we have the opportunity to change the landscape of our clinics and our communities.

Educating on Patient-Centered Care

At Intension Education, we understand there is a bigger purpose behind what we do in our profession. We believe it is our responsibility to change the culture of working within a healthcare system by moving towards putting patients in the control of their healthcare decisions. In order to do this, we must get back to the science of patient-centered care, taking into account the science of psychology and sociology to help supplement the lack of research surrounding biomechanics and treatment techniques.

Working Towards a Change

We want to start the conversation on how to impact the world with our profession. Most physical therapy courses promise they can teach you how to treat patients. At Intension, we want our course to help guide you on how to teach people, too. We know that the current state of healthcare can be frustrating and overwhelming, especially when we are forced as clinicians to focus on administrative and insurance based demands. We can’t change healthcare (yet), but we can simplify your treatment so that it will give you more of what you need most with your patients – TIME.

Knowing This,
It's Time To

Flip The Script

Every day, we treat patients who either aren’t able to do their exercises at home or don’t seem to care about doing what it takes to get better. Often times, we find that these issues have little to do with the patient, and more to do with the environment where they live, work and play.

As Physical Therapists, we understand that life isn’t easy for everyone: patients are forced to make healthcare decisions based on their ability to pay, whether or not they are “in-network”, the availability of transportation, or their inability to receive care due to working through business hours.

We also know this information is not readily available to most clinicians working in the trenches of patient care.

That’s why we created this course. To help the working clinician make a difference in the clinic, by focusing on the most important impairments of the patient in front of them.

It’s time to teach the importance of working with a purpose.

It’s time to better identify social determinants of health.

It’s time to find the barriers that are often overlooked with traditional therapy services.


We’re here to inspire our colleagues to focus their skill set towards giving back, while also providing financial opportunities to make a difference in our communities.


We’re here to simplify clinical treatments by pointing out common blind spots that lead to inefficient /subpar patient care.


We’re here to empower clinicians to address social and emotional issues that may prevent patients from achieving their goal.

This Course is Designed to Treat People

Not Conditions

After a collective 26 years of clinical/education related F-ups, we believe the continuing education system should help you realize how you can be great, with the skills you already have, by focusing on patient-centered care.

We see the problem isn’t what you know, it’s not having the time you need, being too confident/not confident enough in your clinical decision-making process, and not having the resources to meet your patients’ goals. Most courses do a great job at teaching you something to do in the clinic, but that isn’t enough to help patients maximize their potential.

By choosing Intension Education, you are investing in your ability to make better decisions to be a better-informed clinician, and your ability to find purpose in your career by giving you the tools to give back to your community.

We're On A Mission
To Give Back

Our intention is to not only teach the importance of giving back but also give you the funds to start the process. A minimum of 10% of our profits goes towards programs that are designed to improve the health of our communities. When you partner with us, you are guaranteed to walk away with the money you can use towards local initiatives in the communities you work and live in.

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Ryan and Matt met in 2010. Some may say that’s when the “bromance” began. Ryan moved to Kentucky to help expand an orthopedic residency program, and Matt was managing his own clinic facility in that region for the same company. Since Ryan was an educated know-it-all, and Matt was never wrong, they became an unstoppable superpower in the world of patient care. Actually, the story is quite the opposite.  

Intensional Management of
the Lower Extremity

Physical Therapy Course
  • 2 Day Course
  • 10-30 Participants
  • 16 CEUs Towards Your Professional Licensure Requirements
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