Frequently Asked Questions

How many hours is the course accredited for?

16 credit hours for PT and PTAs

Where is the course located?

Anywhere, that is the beauty of our course, we can easily come to you, your clinic/place of employment, or to your area with enough interest!

Can my business or employer host a course?

Yes, definitely! Contact us to discuss the needs and options.

Are there any course pre-requisites?

Just an open heart, open mind and an attitude to change healthcare for the better for you and your patients.

Is Ryan really that good looking?

Brace yourself… yes! It is recommended that you bring sunglasses to the course.

What criteria do you have for your donations?

We want to look beyond just donating money to a cause, which is great, but we want to discuss how to use our resources to solve problems. So we are open to discuss any idea that you have! Any idea that involves helping others is a valid one in our eyes!

Who would benefit from this course?

Any PT/PTA in any setting: Outpatient, Home Health, Long Term Care, Industrial, etc.)

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