How It Works

We will take 10% of the proceeds from your course and donate it towards projects, or organizations, to improve the health of our communities. We encourage all course hosts to pick a local problem and help find some solutions. We want to utilize YOUR resources to help fix problems. If you don’t know where to start, reach out to us and we can discuss programs that would fit the needs of the patient population you work with. We want to see changes and improvements in the delivery of services, so we want to make sure we are donating to organizations that can impact bigger social issues and help the patients right in your back door. 

There's Nothing Too Creative

For Us To Do

We once worked with a PT clinic to discuss how to help with their problem of patient’s cancelling due to transportation issues. The clinicians struggled with being unable to help their patients if they couldn’t even show up to the clinic. We discussed using the funds collected from the course to purchase gift cards for UBER rides for those patients.

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