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Matt and Ryan had a similar kindred spirit when it came to treatment of patients. Never afraid to make the first mistake, but caring enough about their patients to never give up on them, they continued to seek the bigger answers to common problems we all face in the clinic.

This stubbornness to achieve the answers lead to the blending of ideas that eventually helped to inform the principles of Intension Education. With Ryan’s background in Clinical Education and Matt’s in Clinical Management and Patient Care, we have come to blend what we would consider to be the essentials of patient care.

After witnessing the void in the current landscape of clinical education, and realizing that many other continuing education courses seemed to be “selling something”, the two decided that a clinical education company with a different focus was needed. Therefore, Intension Education was founded to change that landscape.

Why We Started

Intension Education intends to explore the idea that the best way to improve outcomes in the clinic is to start focusing on getting back to the basics. Simplified clinical reasoning, community education and patient-centered care courses, the importance of finding purpose within your community, and a monetary jump start to start doing what makes you happy.


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We are starting to realize that technique driven care is not enough to change the trajectory of health in the United States. Science has been instrumental in realizing what works for many causes of musculoskeletal pain, but it also tells us that changing health requires us to look at the disproportionate access to health many in the United States face. Emotional, social, societal, cultural, and financial factors play a crucial role in the ability of an individual to achieve their functional goals. Let us break down competing clinical philosophies of care for you, so we can have a discussion on what patient-centered care means, and how we can help you improve your ability to provide it wherever you work.

We know the health care system makes our job unnecessarily challenging. Our aim is to simplify patient care and change the way Physical Therapists maximize their talents. If you feel, like we do, that Physical Therapists have a bigger role in improving health – join the conversation. If you want, like we do, to give back your talents and gifts to the people who need them most – join our community and share your ideas.  If you don’t feel confident you have the skills or resources to make a difference, find a course or mentor to help you improve your practice and make a bigger difference in the patients you treat.

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