Matt Mattingly

Co-Owner + Bad Joke Teller

When I look back throughout my life up to this point, I truly don’t believe that I got to where I am today by random chance. I believe that each of us is entrusted with gifts and it is our choice on how we use them. My choice to pursue physical therapy as a career was born out of an eavesdropped conversation and a helpful Guidance Counselor.

I walked into a small outpatient clinic that was down the street from my mom’s house and I fell in love with the profession.

My 2nd job as a PT technician, to gain experience for my PT school application, led me to meet the most wonderful person in the world, who I conned into becoming my wife. She gave me my 2 greatest names: Husband and Dad.

She taught me not to hide my beliefs and shows me every day how to live out the call to “Love One Another”. My wife led me to my career path, and the company where I met my business partner – Ryan.

Ryan has helped me create a platform to do what I love, which is teach and challenge clinicians to be better therapist and better people – which will make a better profession, and ultimately a better world.    

Graduated from Transylvania University 2000 B.S. in Exercise Science and Biology minor
Graduated from University of Kentucky PT program 2004 Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy
15 year Outpatient PT career, Clinical Management, Home Health Management, Clinical Education, Adjunct Teaching PTA program 
McKenzie MDT Certification
Second Staffing Associates, owner 
Legacy Physical Therapy, co-owner
Intension Education, co-owner  
Why Intension?

I believe that there is a void in the industry of physical therapy education and mentorship, in that, too much focus is on teaching things or techniques and not on the process of critical thinking.

On a mission to give back

I honestly believe that we are living this life with borrowed everything. My job, my house, my time and even my family are not mine. They are gifts given to me for a finite amount of time. So if they are truly not mine, I shouldn’t hoard them or keep them to myself.

I should share all of it with the world. My knowledge (which is arguable and very limited most days) and my resources should be shared with others so that others don’t make the same mistakes I did and can help more and more individuals in this world. I am blessed beyond what I deserve, so I feel that I should give back as much and as often as I can.

Fun Facts About Matt

Amateur Mechanic

I love rebuilding old cars and trucks.

Workout Enthusiast

CrossFit has made me enjoy fitness again. That’s right I’m a Crossfit Junkie!


I love to travel, but I love my home state of Kentucky even more.

Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.

some guy named Jesus
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