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Our course is designed to take a big picture view and interpret the available research showing us that a BioPyshoSocial approach to care can be simplified. By simplifying our decision process, clinicians will be better equipped to meet the challenges of working with individuals with musculoskeletal pain or disability. No matter if you are newly developing your treatment strategies as a clinician, or have yours established for years, this course has something to offer you. This material will not only challenge your thinking skills, it will help maximize your time with patients.

Who We Serve

This course is open to PT and PTAs, clinicians and students, who are working with patients dealing with musculoskeletal disorders. We know there are a lot of outside forces dictating how you provide patient care, we want to simplify what you NEED to know so you can spend more time and energy with your patients. This means not only learning about how our treatments help patients meet their goals but also understanding how psychology and societal factors impact patient outcomes. If you want to JUST learn the newest tricks, this course might not be for you. Our courses are created for the clinician who understands there is more we can do, both inside and outside of the clinic, to make a bigger difference for the people we treat and the communities we work in. Many Physical Therapists believe what we do in the clinic will lead to better health for our patients. The research would disagree. Healthy food choices, transportation issues, economic stability, healthy relationships are key to living a healthy life.

*For clinicians in all settings: outpatient, long-term care, inpatient, home health, industrial


Accredited for PTs/PTAs

Our course is currently accredited through Kentucky’s KPTA. (We are currently working on getting accredited in all 50 states.)

Personal Attention

We offer a unique learning opportunity that includes didactic, interactive lab, and live patient learning opportunities.

Larger Perspective

We have synthesized a wide variety of research to help show you the MANY ways to improve patient care.

Intensional Management of
the Lower Extremity

Physical Therapy Course
  • 2 Day Course
  • 10-30 Participants
  • 16 CEUs Towards Your Professional Licensure Requirements
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We promise to make this course interactive. Trust that you will have plenty of time to discuss, practice, and engage with your course instructors.

We promise you will have more questions than answers after attending this course. It’s important to us that you learn how to think better, clearer, and quicker to simplify how you approach patient care.

We promise to make this more than another continuing education course. We intend to deliver our value by teaching you how to be successful in the clinic while helping you expand your practice into the community.

We promise to be more than your average course instructor, we want to continue to share ideas and improve the influence of Physical Therapists by sharing research, engaging in important conversations, and pushing each other to maximize their potential.

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